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My name is Joy Jacob Thomas and I am a professional photographer who specializes in Portrait Photography among other styles of photography.

        I have a specific desire, to freeze time, and in it people, places, the beauty of each moment, and heart touching memories. My camera only happens to be a tool that enables me to do just that, the best way I can, to lead you to your nostalgia. 

        I have the capacity to make you laugh or cry over time as you look back at one of your timeless images because, in your teary-eyed or ecstatic moment, I truly live mine.
       The work on display is a testament true to that belief, 

and if that is the kind of photographer you seek, look no further. For me, it's not just a job, but an absolute passion, as always.

 I aim to help you see more with your heart than the eye.

        Only my best each time & everytime.



  Only my best each time                   &         


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