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                        Hello there,

My name is Joy Jacob Thomas and I am a professional photographer who specializes in candid wedding photography among my other styles of photography.

        I have a specific desire, to freeze time, and in it the people, places, the beauty of each moment and heart touching memory. My camera only happens to be the tool that enables me to do just that, the best way I can, to lead you to your nostalgia. 

        I have the capacity to make you laugh or cry over time as you look back at one of your timeless images, because in your teary eyed or ecstatic moment, I truly live mine.
       The work on display, is a testament true to that belief, 

and if that is the kind of photographer you seek, look no further. For me it's not just a job, but an absolute passion, each time every time.

 I aim to help you see more with your heart, than the eye.

        Only my best each time & everytime.


          Let's talk

Tel: +91-998-6162-959




  by Joy Jacob Thomas.